The trusty brand: Caffè Nero.

Everyone loves finding a unique place to eat, drink and socialise. You can then call it ‘your place’, YOU found it first…you liked it before it was cool. Hence why I have this part of my blog completely devoted to cafè’s and food…and also, well, I love coffee! Fear not, my quest to keep on finding panini and cake filled treasure troves will continue, but, for the next few lines, I won’t be looking any farther than my local, trusty brand: Caffè Nero.

Caffè Nero – ‘Nero’s’ for short – is the place I want to go to relax, on a leather worn sofa, next to a window when it’s raining outside…and smugly chuckle to myself at the shelter-scrambling passers-by. Cruel, I know. If you’re thinking to yourself, as you read this, that you’ve never people watched, you are seriously missing out. Probably one of the worlds greatest small pleasures.

I digress, sorry.

So, Nero’s. Going into your favourite coffee branded shop is like slipping on an old jumper; its comfortable and brings back a few memories too. My first date, slaving away over revision cards and some unforgettable conversations (to say the least) with friends – all have happened within the walls of my local Nero’s.

Maybe it’s the jazz cd playing faintly in the background, maybe it’s the décor or, maybe, it’s my soft spot for their mocha.

Perhaps Nero’s is to me what Central Perk was to the Friends gang.

…Well, it seems that way, from what I can gather. As I’ve probably only watched three episodes of Friends in my life. Yes, I’m one of those few people in the world that doesn’t watch Friends. I can already hear the ‘Whaaaatt?’ in your head. But that story is for another day.


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